Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Alice's omelet project

Everyone has a different technique for making omelets, and this is mine. I love making omelets because they come out differently each time.
I start by chopping up vegetables, which for me, is fun because I like chopping food. For this omelet, I used onion, red pepper, garlic, and leftover asparagus.

I then put some egg beaters and herbs into a mixing bowl and whished until blended. Some of the herbs that I like for eggs are dill weed, tarragon, dried chives, and garlic salt. I also use a mixed herb. I think that it's called Herbs de Provence. I am fussy and don't like pepper so my mom usually adds pepper at the table.
After heating up some olive oil in a fry pan, I begin to saute my vegetables, starting with the red pepper and the onion.
When the onion becomes close to transparent, I am ready to add more stuff.
All vegetables are cooking and looking colorful! As my storyteller friends would say, "Looking good! Looking good!"
After pouring the egg mixture into the frypan, I also add some parmesan cheese and some mozzarella cheese. Not too much cheese should be added. It's best just to use a small amount to be tasty but not to overwhelm the yumminess of the eggs and vegetables!
I then cover the egg mixture and let it cook in its own steam for about three minutes.
At this point, I put the omelet a plate and flip it over, back into the fry pan. I cover the pan again so that the other side can become browned.
The omelet is now ready to be served!
My lovely meal... half of the omelet, a piece of toast, and some avocado. My mom got the other half of the omelet.
Have fun with eggs and bon appetit!

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